A Little About Me

Well, for my first blog post, it makes sense to tell a bit about myself. For one, I’m a Christian -yes I’m bringing up the religion talk first thing…-. I am also a writer, INTJ, and… err I like the color green? Yeah I’m still working on the how to introduce myself thing. Work in progress. Sorry about that.

 The reason(s) for me blogging are simple in a way. I don’t want to merely exist. I want to live. I want to make a difference, shake things up, tell things for how they are and not for what they appear to be. I want people to look at my entire life and know that I live it for God. I don’t want to be a shadow, a whisper, a fragment of existence. I want to inspire others. I want to challenge others to live boldly for God. Sure, I’m nowhere near perfect. But hey, that’s never stopped God before. 

Now for my ego`s sake, I’m going to pretend that people are actually going to read this. 


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