Balance In Life

“She jumped off the cliff and down she fell
But on the way down, she grew wings
With them she flew, having now known
You need to stay balanced to soar.”

That’s what I’ve learned this summer. I realized that far too often I was either one extreme or the other. I didn’t realize that there was a time for everything. I thought you had to choose one method and stick with it. But I was wrong. Sometimes the situation calls for you to be decisive or emotionless. Other times, your emotions can be your greatest strength. You just have to pray for the wisdom to know at what time you use which method. And you’re going to mess up and fail a lot or do the right thing the wrong way but you still have to try.

Well if I’m not careful this might end up turning into an online journal which is so not what I’m going for. So in order to avoid that, I’ll be writing a book review/ summary on “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck. It’s what I’m currently reading. Once again, everything I write is just my personal opinion so I’m sorry if what I say offends anyone.


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