Lessons I’ve Learned in 2014: Confidence

As 2014 nears its end, I want to take time (and several blog posts) to remember what I’ve learned this year. I probably won’t mention the ones I wrote about, but instead just mention the lessons I learned before starting this blog. Here is a major one for me:

Throughout elementary school, I was picked on a lot by the kids in my Sunday school, so overtime I just toughened up and let it slide off me. I began to think I was untouchable, that nothing could hurt me. Until last year when I had my reputation torn down by a couple adults who I respected. Maybe a smidge of truth could’ve been found within their lies and judging. I’m not sure and honestly don’t care, but when what they thought of me reached my ears, I was crushed. I already was feeling insecure and confused and they made it ten times worse. But it really doesn’t matter what they said, or who believed them. What matters is that I started to believe them. I didn’t think highly of myself and I placed my self worth in the hands of a couple adults whose opinion really shouldn’t have mattered.

Trying to convince yourself that you’re strong enough won’t work. Avoiding them won’t work. Trying to be the person that you’re expected to be won’t work. People are vicious and many will heartlessly throw harmful words at you. There will always be someone who will try to tear you down. It’s the way of our world and it can’t ever be avoided. I’ve found there is only one way to keep yourself from being torn down. It’s to remember this: Your self worth should never lie in the hands of the people around you. Place your self worth in the hands of God. He lovingly crafted you in his hands. You matter to Him even though you won’t always matter to the people around you. The Creator of the Universe cares and treasures you. If you place your self worth in Him, your confidence will never be shaken. You are awe inspiring, a sacred treasure. Why would you put your self worth in the hands of mere mortals when you can place it in the hands of God? Confidence doesn’t have to be temporary. The only thing that’s temporary are people’s opinions.



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