Lessons I’ve Learned in 2014: Strength

Hello readers, I truly meant to do a lessons learned in 2014 post every day, but I got the flu and really didn’t feel up to it. I know that’s not necessary to mention, but it’s just something I want to remember cause my family has this weird competition where we each try to not get sick for as long as possible. So far my older sister is in the lead. She went a little over a year without getting sick. Anyways…enough about that!

So this past summer, I went on a mission trip. We just went to the other side of the state I live in, so it was nothing too exciting or dangerous. And the second day we were there, I sprained a tendon in my right hand. While painting. Like I said in another post, I never have an exciting story to go along with my injuries. The point of the mission trip was to do work for free for the people in that community that were too poor or too old to do it themselves. And then I go and injure myself, and BAM! guess who can’t help? I was so frustrated, I wanted to hit something. But I couldn’t even do that since, I, well, injured my dominant hand.

So I did the only thing I could do. Talk. I would spend about an hour and talk with the people we served. Before you go thinking I’m lazy, I DID help outside. For most of the day actually. I was so scared that everyone in my group would think I was a slacker or resent me or something. On my fourth day, I met an older woman who also had an auto immune disease. We talked about gluten free and well,(please don’t laugh!) Cats.

At the end of the week, everybody was given a fish hook pin as a reminder to be fishers of men. It was than that I realized that I was able to do that cause of my injured wrist. I remembered that verse in one of the Corinthians that says: For when I am weak, Then am I strong. I never understood the verse until then. God uses our weakness and our strengths for his kingdom.

P.S (I realize this was poorly written and I’m really sorry about that! I’m just tired. If there’s any questions or topics you’d like to hear about, just let me know . I’d love to help. Thanks!)



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