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Is Debating About Religion Right?

Hey! So sorry for the lack of blog posts….. I’ve been busy and had issues with my kindle and also just haven’t had much to write about. But now I am back!

So I know I’ve written about debating before, but the reason for doing so is because it’s kinda a big issue/problem of mine. I have sort of a love/hate relationship with it. I enjoy a friendly debate and hearing other people express their thoughts on a wide range of subjects. It’s really mind opening for me.

But are their some subjects that should be avoided? I can already hear several certain someone’s I knew telling me that I don’t know the correct definition of debating, but I do.

We don’t ever really follow that definition though, do we? We get angry and worked up, especially when discussing our beliefs. Cause it angers us when the other party is SO ignorant! I mean, come on! How can those with their  clearly wrong opinion live with themselves!? Doesn’t it drive them insane to live in a constant state of wrongness!? Their lives can not be complete unless we change their opinion! God must have created us  Christians for that purpose…..yes! Yeah, NO!

Actions speak louder than words. I don’t mean for you to spend hours volunteering and then being able to go home to your nice life just so you feel like you added another jewel to your crown. I mean that the way you treat others will speak louder (suprisingly) than you slapping down atheists, feminists, gay, and downright “sinning folk” that have fallen SO far from God that they need you there to set them straight (Sorry, pun NOT intended!)

We will never be able to be a witness to others by loudly discrediting what they believe (seriously, when has that EVER worked!?) but instead try letting our behavior speak for itself.

Cause guess what? That atheist that you got in a debate with last week about creation left the conversation not in awe of your persuasiveness  But in disgust of your aggressiveness.

You can choose what you debate about, I really don’t care, but I personally am starting to question whether some things should be a instant no-no. There is nothing more of a turn off than seeing a fellow Christian throwing around their opinions with obvious insecurity. I’m done with being that person. I’m done with debating about religion.

Speaking of debates…. Let the comment debates begin!



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New Year

Happy New Year readers! I’m so glad that it’s 2015. This year I’m letting myself fall prey to the “New year, new me, fresh start,” thing that people tend to follow. I’ve put together a few New Year resolutions that I’ll share so I don’t forget.

1) I’ve vowed not to make mention of the past. I will not dwell on what happens and I will make “Keep Moving Forward” my new motto.

2) Spend less time online. Sometimes I do educational things but not enough that I can justify the amount of time I spend on Pinterest.

3) Become a genius. (Haha just kidding) Its just that my personality [INTJ] is known for having the highest IQ and having an incredible mind. I know I am capable of so much and if I would stop being so afraid of what I’m capable of, I know that I could be incredibly intelligent.

4) Get in shape. I don’t mean get skinny. I don’t care about that sort of thing. I just want to be a lot stronger. And hey, if that brings me down a few pant sizes, I won’t complain!

5) Become a polyglot. I’m extremely close to being bilingual so now I want to learn more than one language this year.

Well those are the major ones, I have a few more on my Pinterest boards, but they can hardly be seen as impressive.




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