Mood Swings, Lack of Sleep, and Other Signs of Junioritis 

In the span of 10 minutes I have felt anxious, depressed, elated, tearful, and angry. My room is a mess, I have way too much school and I’m trying to find a job. And I’m also having trouble balancing my schedule and keeping my normally non exsistant feelings in line. Oh great, my older sister just started to get weepy. She’s kindly helping me with my room and she’s trying to rearrange my furniture but it’s not working and I think my mood swings are rubbing off on her. 

I’ve started to avoid my problems instead of solving them and when I’m not doing that, I’m working super hard on math but I’m a few years behind and I have the ACT test in June and I don’t feel like I’m making a dent in all this work so that’s kinda depressing. I just need the school year to be over. And for the sun to come out and I wish it would stop snowing! 

So yeah, I guess this constitutes as Junioritis.  Do I continue to work hard till bedtime or should I call it quits and just go to sleep? Hmm I guess going to sleep equals quitting…. Oh dear me… She’s crying again. I should probably try to work at piecing together the depressing remains of my day….

Well I hope you all are having a nice day. I’ll write later, bye



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5 responses to “Mood Swings, Lack of Sleep, and Other Signs of Junioritis 

  1. cocaine

    are you black


  2. cocaine

    alright cause im trippin haaaaaaardddddd dd aadq


    • kmcmariah

      It’s still unclear to me as to why whether or not in black should make a difference, but it’s nice to know that someone found humor in the situation


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