“Don’t Worry, Be Happy and Don’t Procrastinate “

Haha yeah, um hi. Feeling better, so that’s good. Sorry if I scared you…. I’m still feeling a tad bit overwhelmed, but I had a good laugh last night so I woke up in better spirits. I watched Maze Runner cast interviews and they’re funny so I laughed. (“Ahem, ahem, the award for most eloquent blogger goes to…..Kaitlyn!” *applause* *fangirls shriek with delight *) Hehe that was also funny… Not. 

Okay so when I was feeling rotten the day before last, my sister said that I should just cry myself to sleep so I’d wake up feeling better. Great advice, sis! Thanks. But I’m a incredibly stubborn girl who cries only if I’m actually in pain and even then it’s not an ideal option. Also I’m like an emotionless machine in times of crisis so I was pretty much incapable of crying. 

What did I do instead? I avoided my problems instead of confronting them! Yay for me! I finished reading the last book of the Maze Runner Trilogy, and then I plotted to do some serious bodily harm to James Dashner which in turn put me in the mood for putting my life back together. Lesson learned? Don’t procrastinate? Also the fact that Thomas’ life is ten times worse than mine will ever be kinda lifted my mood. 

I hope y’all are having a great day! Adiós 😊



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2 responses to ““Don’t Worry, Be Happy and Don’t Procrastinate “

  1. Josh

    you’re weird


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