“What Would Mary Ann Do?” Book Review


I just finished this inspiring book by Dawn Wells. The world knows her by a different name: Mary Ann. A simple, sweet, integrity filled young woman who captured the hearts of many on the show “Gilligans Island”. 

Her book; “What Would MaryAnn Do?”, is not only her own autobiography, but a guide of sorts. A guide on how any woman today can live a life of integrity and class by posing the question:

“What would Mary Ann do?”.

Early on in her book, Dawn presents this concept of “Big Brain” and “Little Brain”. The Big Brain, by her definition, is the selfless, thinking before acting part of us that is too often buried or shushed by our Little Brain. The Little Brain is selfish, conceited and showy. The Little Brain is what drives us to throw away morals and live it up because it just “feels good”. 

Using this concept, she then compares Mary Ann to our Big Brain, and Ginger to our Little Brain. With humor, finese, and her own life experience, she shows the readers what a life lived as Mary Ann is like opposed to a life as a Ginger. 

The book gave me hope that it’s still possible to maintain my morals in this world. The world has lost something sacred on its journey through time. But I have hope that if we live a life asking “What would Mary Ann do?”, then maybe we can restore it. 

I reccomend you all to read this. As you can see by the picture, I borrowed the book from the library. I’m sure you can find it there. If not, then you will be missing out on a great piece of writing and must spend the rest of your life feeling horrible about it. (I’m just kidding about feeling horrible! I can be mean but I’m not cruel. Your library, however may be so)

If you find the book and read it, could you please, please leave a comment letting me know what you thought of it? 

An excerpt from the book:  


Thank you for reading! Have a great day! 🙂


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