Junior Year Is Over!!!

I love school, really, but when I do it non stop for well over a year….well, I tend to grow weary. I took the ACT for the first time on the 13th and now I never want to hear the word again! Or, you know, for at least a week or two. I’ve spent the days since then reading, bingeing on Netflix, and basically just being lazy without having to worry about obligations. 

Dauntingly enough, I’m going to be a SENIOR this fall!!! 💥🎉😃

Yeah, sorry but I can totally do that now… Along with celebrating comes more hard work which is no longer a burden thanks to these past 6 months. 

I really appreciate the lessons I’ve learned from this past semester. I look forward to seeing where I’ll be and who I’ll be by the end of the year. I’d have to say that the most important thing I’ve learned is this : If you truly love what you do, it’s completely worth the amount of work, there will be times, of course, when you feel like giving up. It’s then that you must decide how much your dream means to you, then, you must decide to give it all you’ve got. It matters if you don’t give up. 

So this is what I will hold close when I’m busy with senior year and what it brings. College applications for one. I’m actually looking forward to investing in my future like that. It’s amazing but scary to think that by this time next year, I’ll be preparing for college! 

My advice overall is to not be afraid of working hard for something you love. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. 

P.S here’s a poem I wrote:  



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