Survivors (poem) 

I’ve always been a survivor
Since I was 6 years old
When the waves of illness
Came crashing on my shores
There was never time for sadness
I couldn’t drown in its depths
I had to keep on swimming
Couldn’t dare to take a breath
And as the years went by
I became a rock upon the shore
Weathering the relentless waves
As they crashed upon my shores
I couldn’t see the sunrise
As it kissed the beach
I was far too busy holding my ground
Trying not to sink
The waves they beat for years
Eroding my heart
And being something solid and strong
Was destroying my rock
As the waves continued to crash
They ate away at my foundation
Till one day I lost my grip
Pulled away by the vast ocean
I was the size of a pebble
So delicate and frail
I could be stomped on and buried
Or tossed into the air
As I laid on the beach
Scared and alone
A little brown eyed girl came running to my shore
Her eyes were innocent
Her smile held a dare
She moved with so much freedom
Just like her curly hair
It all seemed so familiar
Like a story read before
And then I remembered
She was me at 6 years old
Of all the shells and pebbles
And the miles of land
Her eyes focused on me
A little pebble in the sand
She plucked me from ground
Cradled me in her hand
Giggled with sheer glee
As she rubbed away the sand
A memory came rushing back
And I remembered what she’d do
She swung back her little arm
And tossed me in the blue
I flew through the air
Thanking little me
For when she threw me away
She was setting me free
As I fell into the depths
Swept up by the currents
The ocean I had for so long fought
Carried me places
The waves never tried to drown me
But cleanse me of my weight
How foolish of me!
To try to stay in one place
So now I let it take me
As we beat upon foreign lands
Riding the waves of change
And freeing rocks from Earths firm hands
I learnt that we aren’t meant to stay
Anchored by the beach
Trying to survive something
That’s trying to set us free
I’ve always been a survivor
But now I am no more
For people are not meant to be rocks
Clinging to the shore
We are meant to be free
Of the weight that keeps us here
We deserve to be 6 years old
With nothing to fear


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