10 Weird Things About Me

1) I fall asleep with books covering half my bed (and I wouldn’t have it any other way) 

2) My favorite time of day is the evening. I love watching the sunset. It’s a daily reminder that sometimes endings can be beautiful. 

3) I love to eat stale marshmallows. 

4) I talk to myself more than anyone else. I’m sane, I swear! 

5) My favorite childhood toy is a Santa bear named Mr. Snuggles. Yes I named him and before you laugh, I’ll have you know that he was my faithful companion through all the hospital visits and testing. 

6) I’ve only ever had a crush on one guy when I was 14. Unless we count the…uhh…dozens of FICTIONAL character crushes, in which I surpass many girls my age. (Leo Fitz is perfect btw) 

7) I only wear jewel toned clothing. Never any other color. Ever. 

8)  I used to be able to recite the entire books of Matthew and Acts. Still trying to figure out how I did it. 

9) When I was little, I wanted to be either a missionary or a musician when I grew up. 

10) I love to learn more than I love life itself. Seriously, I’m miserable if I’m not reading or constantly learning. It’s my life.  





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3 responses to “10 Weird Things About Me

  1. Agents of Shield fan much? Lol!


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