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Top 5 Favorite Fictional Couples From TV Pt. 2

So last week, I wrote about my favorite fictional couple from books. Now it’s time for my favorite couples from TV shows! This is going to be hard. I have more ships than the US Navy. Ugh. Decisions. Sacrifices must be made.

Okay so I was going to do these in order…but I really can’t decide! So let’s just get to it in no particular order!

1.) Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)

Amy, a flighty, feisty redhead. And Rory….the most perfect human being in existence. Well technically he’s a plastic Roman…but the fandom doesn’t really talk about. Also Amy had this weird sexual tension with the Doctor in the first few episodes of Series 5…but we don’t really talk about that either. And then there was their divorce…gosh there’s a lot we don’t talk about…. They made the list for me because they taught me that true love waits. A lot time. Like 2,000 years long. ( That part is a long long story….that we also don’t talk about for some reason)

2.) John and Aeryn (Farscape)

I realize this show is unheard of, so let me explain. John, an astronaut and astrophysicist, is studying wormholes and whether or not they could be controlled and used for intergalactic space travel (yes, this show really inspired me!) So he’s up in his small spacecraft, running tests, and bam! a wormhole opens up and instantly transports him to the other side of the universe. On the other side of the universe, there’s a huge space battle going on and he’s transported right into the middle of it. He accidentally kills some high up General, and the only way out is a ship that was stolen by some prisoners who are trying to escape. He clamors on board but soon the ship is captured and brought before the other officers. An officer named Aeryn believes them to be innocent and helps them escape. Because she’s now committed treason, she escapes with them and the show is about them escaping the law and battling a villain who’s determined to rule the universe all while John is trying to figure out how to get back home. Slowly over the course of the 5 seasons, Aeryn and John fall in love. It was just so well written, showing that love is infinite. And even if a physical home doesn’t exist, as long as you have someone to love, you can always find a home with them.

3.) Chuck and Sarah (Chuck)
Favorite couple from one of my favorite shows ever! Chuck, an unappreciated computer geek who’s life was changed overnight when the man he hates most in the world sends him a file with top secret NSA and CIA info that can be downloaded into ones brain (The Intersect). And Sarah, (that’s not her real name) a CIA super spy put in charge of keeping Chuck/The Intersect alive from all those who want to use Chuck and his mind for evil. Chuck is played by Zachary Levi (which makes the show like 70% better) and Sarah is played by the tall, blonde, and pretty Yvonne Strahovski- yes I had to look up her name just now- Together? Utter perfection. I couldn’t decide on what image to upload so here are two that capture just a smidge of how perfectly amazing these two are!

*squeal of fangirl delight*

4.) Hiro and Charlie (Heroes)
*Cries for eternity*
Just….wow. Man I really didn’t expect this storyline from Heroes to emotionally break me the way that it did. They gave each other a forever within numbered days. That right there should describe how tragic it was. Hiro was the master of time and space (or so he thought) and Charlie was a small town waitress with the ability to memorize everything. She wanted to see the world and…he was going to show it to her. But…ah well remember the episode ‘Blink’ from Doctor Who? One condemned to live out their days in the past, the other separated not knowing all that the other lived through. The show is on Netflix if you’re in the mood for emotional suicide.

5.) Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons (Agents Of Shield)
Ah…speaking of heartbreak! Now I know I wasn’t going to pick favorites…But they’re my favorite. Leo, a rocket scientist, and Jemma, a biochemist. They first met at the Shield Academy where they were the most brilliant minds the place had ever seen. For months, Leo secretly had a crush on Jemma. But he was too shy to talk to her. Meanwhile, Jemma was impressed with Leo’s brilliance, wanted to be friends with someone just as intelligent as herself. But she mistook Leo’s aloofness as a sign that he wanted nothing to do with her. Finally, they were paired together in the lab and thus started a friendship unlike anything TV has ever seen. Over the years they grew inseparable. So much that their names almost became one on the lips of all those who knew them. Fitzsimmons they were then called. Always an unstoppable force of combined genius. Leo fell in love with Jemma but was too afraid to admit how he felt, afraid that he’d drive her away. So for so many years, he buried his feeling. Only to have them resurface when he thought him and Jemma wouldn’t (I’m probably going to hell for that joke).  Tragedy after tragedy hit the pair and while their love wavered, it never disappeared. The story is still going on so there’s not yet a conclusion, but let me just say: RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!!!!!   
I apologize for nothing.

I should’ve just written this post in spurts cause now I’m really, really, sad. I need chocolate. And a big blanket to adequately handle all these feels.

Who are some of your favorite fictional couples from TV? Let me know in the comments below!





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INTJ Female Description

When I was around 13, my sister and I came across something called MBTI personality test. That test changed my life. Or at least the way I viewed life and my peers. I’ve mentioned that I am an INTJ before, but I wanted to go into more detail for those who are not familiar.

Basically everyone in the world fits 1 of the 16 personality types.

The Idealists:
ENFJ- The Teacher
INFJ- The Counselor
ENFP- The Champion
INFP- The Healer

The Artisans:
ESFP- The Performer
ISFP- The Composer
ESTP- The Promoter
ISTP- The Operator

The Guardians:
ESTJ- The Supervisor
ISTJ- The Inspector
ESFJ- The Provider
ISFJ- The Protector

The Rationals (aka the BEST group ever!):
ENTJ- The Field Marshal
INTJ- The Mastermind
ENTP- The Inventor
INTP- The Architect

The letters indicate what your behavioral habits are.

Extrovert or Introvert?
Sensing or Intuition?
Thinking or Feeling?
Judging or Perceiving?

Now y’all can look up the other personality types if you’re interested in finding out yours or take the quiz at

Let me get into the explanation of an INTJ Female already!
The INTJ female is the rarest type in the world, making up 0.8% of the worlds population or 4 in every 500 women. Here’s a breakdown of our different letters:

It’s not that introverts DON’T like people (Well, I don’t), we just find spending a lot of time around them exhausting. We live in our minds, internalize everything. So overtime, a lot of people feel like an intrusion. So we like to draw back and recharge with a good book or music for a few years after every encounter with people.

It’s like having telepathy. And the ability to predict the future. We like metaphors, thinking about the future, and confusing the GP with our abstract thoughts.

Feelings? Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo dat!
Thinking is my superpower. We INTJs process the entire world using our logic. Who needs feeling when you’ve got facts and years of research to back up everything?! A well developed INTJ will develop a way of processing emotions over time, but most don’t reach that point until their 40s. Or if they experienced a traumatic experience at a young age. INTJs are also beyond brilliant, generally having the highest IQ out of all the types.

I don’t judge, I just quickly come to a conclusion about someone. I notice everything about someone and draw quick conclusions based on what I see. That’s all. Don’t feel bad, I silently judge-err I mean notice things about- everyone.

We are everything society thinks women should not be.
True, you may find one or two of us who like to dress nice. But we do it for ourselves. Most of the time we’re too busy plotting World Domination to look fashionable though.
We have feelings.
Gagged and bound in the darkest corners of our minds where you’ll never see it, but feelings.
We process everything using our brilliant minds…even emotions.
We hate small talk. And people speaking for us so I need to stop using “We” as though I’ve actually found a bunch more INTJ females.
Okay I don’t like small talk. Seems like a waste of time. I don’t see it as talking, but rather wasting precious time and lowering everyone’s IQ while at it. Sarcasm is beautiful, as is having a well thought opinion and willing to stand by it as I tear it apart with facts.
I don’t like being touched. Maybe it’s because I feel awkward and out of place in my body. I seriously just see my body as a way of transporting my mind to different places and people.
I’m independent, I don’t like decisions being made for me. No one is more qualified to make my own decisions besides me.
I’m objective. I look at everything from all its different angles and then I study the angles on the angles!
I don’t see the need to express affection. I don’t tell, I show. By unwavering loyalty. No words, just faithfulness.

All this has caused me a lot of trouble. As I was adjusting to my quick wit, It would often come out as insensitive because I’d speak every thought that came to me. Actually I still do that…never mind

I like being around people…as long as they don’t talk to me. Or look at me. Or think about looking at me.
I’m like a paradox. A starry eyed optimist but also a bitter cynic. I see people….as flawed humans. Never just the good, or just the bad. Everything.
I fit in everywhere but nowhere…at the same time.
I want to be understood but I like remaining a mystery.
I don’t do anything useless it serves some long term purpose. I suppose some might see that as selfish and unChristlike, But I also don’t care what others think about me.

Conclusion? Being an INTJ female is awkward but amazing. I was kidding about hating people, by the way. Well just a bit. Sometimes people are annoying. And scary. I can talk to them. Sometimes. Mostly not. Help. 

What type are you?



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Top 5 Favorite Fictional Couples From Books Pt. 1

I believe that all it takes is one story, one book, to change your life. Reading has made me who I am today. I’ve learned so many things, had so many adventures. Words cannot do justice to describe how much I am in love with stories.

So for an undecided amount of time, I will -every Friday- write a post about something relating to books. Book reviews, lessons learned from books and about the books I’m currently reading or have read.

I have read around 1,600 books so this might take awhile.

Today’s topic is about something very dear to me: Shipping. No, not the mail, Fictional characters. First, let me explain what shipping means (for you poor souls who have not heard of this term) Shipping is short for Relationship. So if you want two people to end up together, you ‘ship’ them. And if your couple (By some God sent miracle) DO end up together, we call that a ‘canon’ Other people may ship half of your ship with another person so if YOUR one true pairing (OTP) end up together, the canon makes their ship go boom.

Now since using each of the characters names is too much trouble, also you don’t want those ignorant to shipping think that you’re obsessed with a real persons relationship on a stalker level, we fans (short for fanatics) COMBINE the names which may sound like gibberish to you, but to us…it is more precious than ours own lives.

Percy+Annabeth= PERCABETH

Walter+Paige= WAIGE

Piper+Jason= JASPER

Captain Hook+ Emma Swan= CAPTAIN SWAN

Makes sense? Well, it does to us. Yes, there are a few more terms (such as fangirls, fanfiction and tumblr) but I’ll get to those later. Anyways, lets get to it!

1.) Mr. and Mrs. Murry “A Wrinkle in Time”

Favorite couple from my favorite book ever! They’re not a ship or canon because their love story began way before the start of the book, but their love for one another is beautiful and mature. Mr. Murry, an astrophysicist, and Mrs. Murry, a microbiologist. Together? Combined genius and a love story that is purer than a saint. After years of marriage and four kids, their love for each other has grown stronger, not weaker. From them, I learned that if you love someone, you believe in them and that love can transcend any physical obstacle. Even if your true love is on the other side of the cosmos.

2.)  Percy and Annabeth “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” 

These two, shipped by thousands, are amazing. They first met when they were 12. At first they annoyed each other to bits but as they grew older, they became best friends. Then they started dating in the last book. Dating just seems like such a cheap and overused term to describe their relationship. I’m not sure what word to use to describe their love. I mean, they literally walked through hell for each other. They are so much more than boyfriend/girlfriend. They’re each others hope, an anchor and wings. They are never hung up on each other, none of that “Oh! He/She COMPLETES me.” Or  “He/She makes me whole” No. They were each powerful, unique individuals but what truly made their relationship one of a kind is that they knew that together, they were stronger. They taught me that the most beautiful of love stories happen over time and that if a relationship is going to last…Fall in love with your best friend.

3.) Billy and Bonnie “Dragons in Our Midst”

Y’all have probably never heard of this series. It was written by a Christian Author, Bryan Davis. I recommend you read it! Since this is about a specific couple, I’m not going to go on about the series, but leave looking it us to y’all. Anyways, as I was saying! Billy and Bonnie first met when they were about 13 (It’s been 4 years since I read the series) and the series didn’t even really mention any sort of romance or hint at a relationship till the two got a bit older. It centered around the two of them trying to protect their family and save the world. Neither of them let their feelings cloud their judgement and it wasn’t your typical immature teen relationship that’s so annoying that it ruins the story kind of thing like every other YA series. They just sort of put their relationship in God’s hands and trusted that if it was meant to be, that it would work out in the end. They taught me that happily ever after doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen to those you love but that if your love for each other is strong and pure, anything happening externally will strengthen the bond, not break it.

4.) Ron and Hermione “Harry Potter Series”

Okay! So I’ve got a thing for long lasting friendships that turn into romantic relationships! I make no apologies because they are the best! Surely we all know the story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl hate each other. Boy and girl become friends. Boy and girl develop feelings for each other. Boy and girl start dating. Shippers everywhere cry tears of joy. The end. Seriously though, these two are amazing. Getting out of the friendzone like a boss! Their personalities clash but mesh so well, never a dull moment with those two. They taught me that sometimes all you need is a hand to hold, someone to be perfectly imperfect with.

5.) John Galt and Dagny Taggart “Atlas Shrugged”

Talk about a power couple! They were a match made in heaven. They fell in love with each others minds. and it was beautiful. They’re like my dream relationship. INTJ female and ENTP male. They were both so bold in the way they thought. So passionate about their beliefs. They were already fully themselves before they met so this wasn’t some immature, ‘Stop trying to change each other!’ kind of relationships. They just made sense. It’s like from the first moment they gazed into each others eyes, they saw the truth that they had loved and believed and sought after their entire lives. They were each others home. Their love showed me that if you’re gonna fall in love, fall in love with someone’s personality. Fall in love with all their little things. The way they like their coffee or how they look when they’re excited. Fall in love with the way someone’s eyes light up when they talk about something they love. Fall in love with their laugh and their smile. Fall in love with their mind and everything that makes them unique.

So that’s my Top 5! What’s yours and why? Let me know in the comments below!


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My College Application Essay

I’m finally finishing my college applications and I thought y’all might enjoy my essay. The topic was about what my major was and how I planned to use it to reach my career goals. It was so much fun to write! Enjoy! 

It all started when I read a story. “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. I was only 12 at the time. A story about an average girl who got to travel among the stars. That was the first time I’d heard of it: Astrophysics –  the application of the laws and theories of physics to the interpretation of astronomical observations. And to a girl growing up in a small country town, well, the idea of intergalactic space travel sounded out of this world – yes…I went there. The thought that as I write this, and as you read this, a small group of individuals are orbiting around the Earth, getting a glimpse of its vastness is mind-blowing to say the least! But what if mankind could go farther? What if we could travel, not only to different solar systems, but different galaxies? The author of “A Wrinkle in Time” called it tesseracting, but it was actually a wormhole. The bending of space/time itself.
With a Bachelor of Science in Physics/Astronomy and an eventual P.h.D in Astrophysics, I want to play a role in making intergalactic space travel possible. Are wormholes the solution? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m going to find out. I am choosing this career because I want to build a life that I’m still going to be madly passionate about at 50 or 60.

Because above all else, I’m here to learn. I could spend a lifetime learning and it would still not be long enough. I have this insatiable need to know EVERYTHING. Astrophysics gives me the chance to do something, to be a part of something bigger than myself or any of us here on this minuscule planet. Though I am but one, a tiny flicker of light drowning in the vastness of the universe, it’s in the moments when I’m gazing upward that I feel infinite. As though I’m a part of it all, capable of anything. And as high school comes to an end, I’m starting to realize that my time here on earth is just unfolding. My time for being a part of something bigger than myself is just getting started.

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17 Things I Want to Achieve While 17

My birthday was about two weeks ago, and as an INTJ, I like to have plans. Goals to accomplish. If Katniss could start a revolution and if Annabeth Chase had saved the world more than once by 17, it can’t hurt to plan to do a couple of cool things while I’m 17. Anyways, I’ve become addicted to making lists so here goes!

1.) Learn how to do makeup well.

I honestly don’t understand how other High School girls can spend 1 or more hours on their makeup every day. I can’t even remember to do my hair on some days! Let alone a full face of make up! So I want to learn how to look put together with little effort. Learn some quick makeup looks and how to apply it properly.

2.) Stop belittling myself.

I see intelligence as a scale. I’m smarter than a lot of individuals my age, but I still have a very long way to go. So I use that as a justification to tell myself to not take pride in my accomplishments. I’m constantly putting myself down for the fear that I’ll turn arrogant if I like myself and what I do too much. It’s not low self esteem…I love myself. I just don’t want other people to see that. I’m embarrassed for others to see my accomplishments. So I put myself down because that’s what society has deemed normal for teen girls to do. But 17 is the brink of adulthood. I don’t want to be seen as an insecure girl, that’s so ugly for adults. I want to be a confident woman.

3.) Don’t let fear control my actions.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m an INTJ. I like having plans, and facts, and I absolutely detest the unknown. And, I’ll be the first to admit that I grew up a bit sheltered. Not sheltered from all bad things, but I never did normal things like go to my first dance or go to public school. Or grow up in a neighborhood. I can handle the country life fine….but in a city, there’s too many unknown variables for my mind to deal will…so I tend to avoid that sort of thing. I’m tired of constantly wondering “What if?”. Despite how..crazy our world has gotten as of late, I don’t want to be afraid of living my life, you know? It seems to me that it’s in the times of chaos and despair that we need to more than every make every moment count. I just don’t want to reach the end of my life and realize I never lived any of it, if that makes any sense.

4.) Learn self-defense.

I’m going to be in college by this time next year and I just want to be prepared. Or over prepared because that’s kinda my thing. Also I’m sure it’ll really help with my arthritis, so there’s that.

5.) Grow both blogs.

In case you didn’t already know, I have two blogs! This one, and another called Philomath Maniac where I get to be the biggest nerd in the history of nerds. It’s basically a blog where I explain stuff relating to Science, History, or Math in an understandable way. And I’ve barely touched it since its creation because…well I haven’t really got an excuse for that one. The link is at the top of this page under ‘My Other Blog’ if you want to check that out. I promise to start posting on that again. Also, starting this week, I’m going to be releasing a post here every Monday and Friday so please subscribe if you want to stay up to date with what I’m doing here. I’m planning on doing more book related posts so if you’re interesting in reading, stay tuned and if there’s a book you’d like to read a review for, just let me know in the comments and I will read it (If I haven’t already done so. I’m an obsessive reader!)

6.) Stop procrastinating….eventually.

I am actually procrastinating right now. I am the ultimate master of procrastination. Y’all have no idea. My mind gets bored so easily so I can’t not do something. I always have to be doing something that I’m using my mind for and I hate doing things unless they serve some long term purpose. Why does she have trouble procrastinating? You may or may not be asking yourself. Well….I’m always doing something productive….just not the the productive thing that I really need to be doing. Writing this post before Monday? Kinda important to me. But right now I’m at my desk with my back turned to the horrible mess behind me…ALSO I need to finish writing up my high school transcripts that NEED to go out Monday. But guess what?! I’m writing a blog post and how I need to stop procrastinating! Pathetic…I know. Okay actually this is bothering me…I should go clean my room at least.

20 minutes later….

Okay, I did the responsible thing! Let’s get back to it:

7.) Get a job.

Along the lines of getting stuff done…a job. I’m really ashamed that I haven’t got one yet. Is there really anything left to say?

8.) Be flexible about life.

Did I mention I really like having a plan??? I did? Oh. Right. I know this next chapter of my life isn’t going to run smoothly. What I don’t know is if I can be flexible about constant fluctuation of my plans. Okay, yeah, it’s not gonna happen overnight! From what I’ve seen, it’s the adaptable that come out on top. I don’t want to stay so stuck in one place that people start using me as a step stool to lift them up. That was an odd metaphor. Let’s just go with it, Okay? Okay. (Yes, that was a TFIOS reference).

9.) Stop watching so much TV.

Have you ever thought about how much of your life you’ve spent in front of a screen? Well I have. And the answer scared me. Between my current shows and occasional binge watching on Netflix…ah well let me just stop there. You don’t want to know! Basically I’m wasting my life and I want to spend it on more productive things. Actually I should really just stop watching Netflix during weekdays. That is what really throws me off the path to success.

10.) Live a more organized lifestyle.

I’m either beyond organized or redefining chaos. There’s no in between. Okay, mostly redefining chaos. It has to stop. I seriously need to start setting deadlines. Actually, that gives me an idea! I’ve seen quite a few blogs that write a monthly list of goals with updates during the month. Maybe I should keep on doing follow ups with all these goals? Yep, totally gonna do it!

11.) Get in better shape.

In TV shows, geeks are pretty hot. In reality, most geek guys are sticks and most geek girls never see the light of day. I’m not Jemma Simmons. I’m pale and I haven’t got a developed muscle to be found. I spend my days hunched over my desk, pouring over textbooks. But as I’ve previously stated, balance is key. I really ought to start running or something. Online workouts on YouTube perhaps. I’ll think of something!

12.) Learn 1 new language.

I really, really, really like to learn new things. Oh, right, I think I already mentioned that! Haha sorry. Anyways I already know a lot of Spanish, but I want complete fluency. Therefore, this made my list.

13.) Get better at test taking.

I got a 21 on the ACT. And my IQ is in the 120 range. I don’t know if it’s nerves or discomfort, inexperience or all three! Whatever it is, I got to fix it before college. I’ve been working on finding test taking strategies for auditory learners. When I come up with a solid list, you’ll be able to find it on my other blog. If you’re an auditory learner and have some tips, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks a bunch!

14.) Get my license at 18.

I barely drive.The car that I use for practice isn’t dependable. at all. And between my dad’s jobs and running errands, well I don’t practice much. But, before my 18th birthday, I need to fix that. I’m going to be 17 for the first 3 months of college so I’m also going to have to come up with a solution for that. Wow…college is less than a year away…It’s almost Christmas. What?!

15.) Cultivate more meaningful relationships.

Okay that sounds weird…let me explain. So I think that society as a whole is bad. But individuals are good. So basically I have a general dislike for people until I talk to them. Nope, still sounds weird! Also, I don’t like telling the people I’m close to what is going on in my mind emotion wise. Bad habit, I know. I just know that it’ll pass so it doesn’t seem…logical to express my emotions. Yes, only I would see friendships as something to improve upon. I shouldn’t have added this one to the list even though I was desperate.

16.) Write a book/ Write more poetry.

So I’ve been working on and off (mostly off) on a book series called ‘The Odyssey Chronicles’. It’s all about what life would be like if Satan were truly the king of a world and where grace and free will come into play in our own lives. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I’ll definitely talk about it more in future blog posts. And, as you all know, I now write poetry! I’m constantly looking for ways to improve, so that’s my goal for the year of 17.

17.) Enjoy life!

C.S Lewis said that the Present is the most like Eternity. I want to get better at just enjoying the moment. I’m so future-oriented that I forget to just chill and enjoy being young and alive. I’m constantly reaching, wondering, dreaming, and  making plans. It’s a part of who I am. But the future isn’t some far off distant thing. It’s being shaped right now. The possibilities are endless, sure, but it’s in the everyday seemingly normal times where this improbable future begins. And as I’m 17, I want to enjoy it. I’m never going to be this age, be this person…ever again. I want to be able to look back on my life one day and say that I was fully alive and whole over the course of it. I’ve been learning that it doesn’t matter who you were and the only way you can change who you’re going to be, well, that begins NOW.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your goals? Anyways…Talk to you Friday! 


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5 Red Flags in Any Relationship


Red Flags. If only we could spot them right away. Now we’ve all heard of red flags in a dating relationship, but after a couple of failed friendships of my own and watching all the friendship trouble and overall weird friendships my Mom has had over the years, we started talking and have compiled a small list of friendship red flags. Every person of….unusual friendship skills my Mom has befriended has had all five of these traits in common. So maybe this list will help you avoid toxic friendships in the future.

1. They talk negatively about friends/family.

Sure, its a possibility that their family sucks and maybe they need to vent after an argument with their mother. That part is natural! But if they are CONSTANTLY going on about how their kids are little brats and they can’t wait for them to be back in school or if they don’t have kids yet but will rant on about how they hate their siblings….then watch out. Cause unless their brother is Mycroft  or Agent Grant Ward, or their sister is Azula….then I’m pretty sure they can work it out without complaining about them to you 24/7.

    2. Facebook rants/ general immaturity on Facebook

We don’t want to hear about how much of an {insert swear word of choice because I’m too classy to swear} your boss is or how you hate your job and co-workers. And there’s a reason why no one liked your rant on how Donald Trump needs to shut up. The only person we want to shut up…is YOU. Also…30 to 40 posts a day is too much. Please stop letting us “experience” your mood swings with you. Also future employers and prospective colleges can and will see all of this. And we live in an age where your kids can go back and read what you were up to at their age….so there’s that.

3.) They are easily offended.

This “political correctness”  thing has REALLY gotten out of hand. And those people who get offended so easily by your opinions and beliefs…you don’t need to put up with that. I’m not saying to just have friends that agree with everything, I actually have an agnostic friend and we get along great. But we both respect each others beliefs which I think makes all the difference. But if someone childishly argues with your beliefs every time you express them, just don’t waste your time trying to defend yourself. That’s just sinking down to their level and you’re better than that. Someone who expects others to respect their opinion but does not extend the same courtesy to others, is just revealing their own immaturity. 

4.) Emotional Manipulation.

Ever since a failed friendship with a girl who did this, emotional manipulation has always been high on my list of relationship red flags. I don’t process information based on how I feel, so I personally can’t be emotionally manipulated, but my family and closest friends are and I hate seeing them being manipulated like that. It’s probably one of the ugliest traits for a person to have in my opinion. If you’re friends or dating someone who does this, just get out. Please. A lot of people who manipulate are very much aware of it, but they’re too deep in to stop. You just got to love and pray for those people….from the safe distance of at least three States away.

5.) If they don’t have any friends

I know, that last one sounds HORRIBLE, but every person I’ve befriended because they had no friends….well I soon found out why. I have one friend who befriended this guy because he would always sit by himself…and he ended up stalking her for 8 months. My mom once befriended some woman because she thought she could help her…and the woman ended up emotionally manipulating her for 6 years. On top of that, she had narcissistic personality disorder, demon possessed AND brought a demon into our home which then in turn tried to posses my  mom. And another time, our family befriended another family because they had no friends….and the father ended up being a cult leader. And another family we befriended made my life living hell for about a year because they thought it was their job to “make me a better Christian”…seriously I could go on and on. I’m sure some people who don’t have any friends are actually great people. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find one! But until then, It’s a huge warning sign.

Anyways, I hope these help you avoid any future drama! I really wish I didn’t have to learn these the hard way…but life is a series of lessons to be learned after all. I hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading! – Kaitlyn

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17 Years Old (poem) 

So today is my 17th birthday. I’m so relieved to not be “sweet 16” anymore! Anyways, I wrote another poem, enjoy!  



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