5 Red Flags in Any Relationship


Red Flags. If only we could spot them right away. Now we’ve all heard of red flags in a dating relationship, but after a couple of failed friendships of my own and watching all the friendship trouble and overall weird friendships my Mom has had over the years, we started talking and have compiled a small list of friendship red flags. Every person of….unusual friendship skills my Mom has befriended has had all five of these traits in common. So maybe this list will help you avoid toxic friendships in the future.

1. They talk negatively about friends/family.

Sure, its a possibility that their family sucks and maybe they need to vent after an argument with their mother. That part is natural! But if they are CONSTANTLY going on about how their kids are little brats and they can’t wait for them to be back in school or if they don’t have kids yet but will rant on about how they hate their siblings….then watch out. Cause unless their brother is Mycroft  or Agent Grant Ward, or their sister is Azula….then I’m pretty sure they can work it out without complaining about them to you 24/7.

    2. Facebook rants/ general immaturity on Facebook

We don’t want to hear about how much of an {insert swear word of choice because I’m too classy to swear} your boss is or how you hate your job and co-workers. And there’s a reason why no one liked your rant on how Donald Trump needs to shut up. The only person we want to shut up…is YOU. Also…30 to 40 posts a day is too much. Please stop letting us “experience” your mood swings with you. Also future employers and prospective colleges can and will see all of this. And we live in an age where your kids can go back and read what you were up to at their age….so there’s that.

3.) They are easily offended.

This “political correctness”  thing has REALLY gotten out of hand. And those people who get offended so easily by your opinions and beliefs…you don’t need to put up with that. I’m not saying to just have friends that agree with everything, I actually have an agnostic friend and we get along great. But we both respect each others beliefs which I think makes all the difference. But if someone childishly argues with your beliefs every time you express them, just don’t waste your time trying to defend yourself. That’s just sinking down to their level and you’re better than that. Someone who expects others to respect their opinion but does not extend the same courtesy to others, is just revealing their own immaturity. 

4.) Emotional Manipulation.

Ever since a failed friendship with a girl who did this, emotional manipulation has always been high on my list of relationship red flags. I don’t process information based on how I feel, so I personally can’t be emotionally manipulated, but my family and closest friends are and I hate seeing them being manipulated like that. It’s probably one of the ugliest traits for a person to have in my opinion. If you’re friends or dating someone who does this, just get out. Please. A lot of people who manipulate are very much aware of it, but they’re too deep in to stop. You just got to love and pray for those people….from the safe distance of at least three States away.

5.) If they don’t have any friends

I know, that last one sounds HORRIBLE, but every person I’ve befriended because they had no friends….well I soon found out why. I have one friend who befriended this guy because he would always sit by himself…and he ended up stalking her for 8 months. My mom once befriended some woman because she thought she could help her…and the woman ended up emotionally manipulating her for 6 years. On top of that, she had narcissistic personality disorder, demon possessed AND brought a demon into our home which then in turn tried to posses my  mom. And another time, our family befriended another family because they had no friends….and the father ended up being a cult leader. And another family we befriended made my life living hell for about a year because they thought it was their job to “make me a better Christian”…seriously I could go on and on. I’m sure some people who don’t have any friends are actually great people. I’ll be sure to let you know if I find one! But until then, It’s a huge warning sign.

Anyways, I hope these help you avoid any future drama! I really wish I didn’t have to learn these the hard way…but life is a series of lessons to be learned after all. I hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading! – Kaitlyn


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