Top 5 Favorite Fictional Couples From Books Pt. 1

I believe that all it takes is one story, one book, to change your life. Reading has made me who I am today. I’ve learned so many things, had so many adventures. Words cannot do justice to describe how much I am in love with stories.

So for an undecided amount of time, I will -every Friday- write a post about something relating to books. Book reviews, lessons learned from books and about the books I’m currently reading or have read.

I have read around 1,600 books so this might take awhile.

Today’s topic is about something very dear to me: Shipping. No, not the mail, Fictional characters. First, let me explain what shipping means (for you poor souls who have not heard of this term) Shipping is short for Relationship. So if you want two people to end up together, you ‘ship’ them. And if your couple (By some God sent miracle) DO end up together, we call that a ‘canon’ Other people may ship half of your ship with another person so if YOUR one true pairing (OTP) end up together, the canon makes their ship go boom.

Now since using each of the characters names is too much trouble, also you don’t want those ignorant to shipping think that you’re obsessed with a real persons relationship on a stalker level, we fans (short for fanatics) COMBINE the names which may sound like gibberish to you, but to us…it is more precious than ours own lives.

Percy+Annabeth= PERCABETH

Walter+Paige= WAIGE

Piper+Jason= JASPER

Captain Hook+ Emma Swan= CAPTAIN SWAN

Makes sense? Well, it does to us. Yes, there are a few more terms (such as fangirls, fanfiction and tumblr) but I’ll get to those later. Anyways, lets get to it!

1.) Mr. and Mrs. Murry “A Wrinkle in Time”

Favorite couple from my favorite book ever! They’re not a ship or canon because their love story began way before the start of the book, but their love for one another is beautiful and mature. Mr. Murry, an astrophysicist, and Mrs. Murry, a microbiologist. Together? Combined genius and a love story that is purer than a saint. After years of marriage and four kids, their love for each other has grown stronger, not weaker. From them, I learned that if you love someone, you believe in them and that love can transcend any physical obstacle. Even if your true love is on the other side of the cosmos.

2.)  Percy and Annabeth “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” 

These two, shipped by thousands, are amazing. They first met when they were 12. At first they annoyed each other to bits but as they grew older, they became best friends. Then they started dating in the last book. Dating just seems like such a cheap and overused term to describe their relationship. I’m not sure what word to use to describe their love. I mean, they literally walked through hell for each other. They are so much more than boyfriend/girlfriend. They’re each others hope, an anchor and wings. They are never hung up on each other, none of that “Oh! He/She COMPLETES me.” Or  “He/She makes me whole” No. They were each powerful, unique individuals but what truly made their relationship one of a kind is that they knew that together, they were stronger. They taught me that the most beautiful of love stories happen over time and that if a relationship is going to last…Fall in love with your best friend.

3.) Billy and Bonnie “Dragons in Our Midst”

Y’all have probably never heard of this series. It was written by a Christian Author, Bryan Davis. I recommend you read it! Since this is about a specific couple, I’m not going to go on about the series, but leave looking it us to y’all. Anyways, as I was saying! Billy and Bonnie first met when they were about 13 (It’s been 4 years since I read the series) and the series didn’t even really mention any sort of romance or hint at a relationship till the two got a bit older. It centered around the two of them trying to protect their family and save the world. Neither of them let their feelings cloud their judgement and it wasn’t your typical immature teen relationship that’s so annoying that it ruins the story kind of thing like every other YA series. They just sort of put their relationship in God’s hands and trusted that if it was meant to be, that it would work out in the end. They taught me that happily ever after doesn’t mean nothing bad will happen to those you love but that if your love for each other is strong and pure, anything happening externally will strengthen the bond, not break it.

4.) Ron and Hermione “Harry Potter Series”

Okay! So I’ve got a thing for long lasting friendships that turn into romantic relationships! I make no apologies because they are the best! Surely we all know the story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl hate each other. Boy and girl become friends. Boy and girl develop feelings for each other. Boy and girl start dating. Shippers everywhere cry tears of joy. The end. Seriously though, these two are amazing. Getting out of the friendzone like a boss! Their personalities clash but mesh so well, never a dull moment with those two. They taught me that sometimes all you need is a hand to hold, someone to be perfectly imperfect with.

5.) John Galt and Dagny Taggart “Atlas Shrugged”

Talk about a power couple! They were a match made in heaven. They fell in love with each others minds. and it was beautiful. They’re like my dream relationship. INTJ female and ENTP male. They were both so bold in the way they thought. So passionate about their beliefs. They were already fully themselves before they met so this wasn’t some immature, ‘Stop trying to change each other!’ kind of relationships. They just made sense. It’s like from the first moment they gazed into each others eyes, they saw the truth that they had loved and believed and sought after their entire lives. They were each others home. Their love showed me that if you’re gonna fall in love, fall in love with someone’s personality. Fall in love with all their little things. The way they like their coffee or how they look when they’re excited. Fall in love with the way someone’s eyes light up when they talk about something they love. Fall in love with their laugh and their smile. Fall in love with their mind and everything that makes them unique.

So that’s my Top 5! What’s yours and why? Let me know in the comments below!



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