INTJ Female Description

When I was around 13, my sister and I came across something called MBTI personality test. That test changed my life. Or at least the way I viewed life and my peers. I’ve mentioned that I am an INTJ before, but I wanted to go into more detail for those who are not familiar.

Basically everyone in the world fits 1 of the 16 personality types.

The Idealists:
ENFJ- The Teacher
INFJ- The Counselor
ENFP- The Champion
INFP- The Healer

The Artisans:
ESFP- The Performer
ISFP- The Composer
ESTP- The Promoter
ISTP- The Operator

The Guardians:
ESTJ- The Supervisor
ISTJ- The Inspector
ESFJ- The Provider
ISFJ- The Protector

The Rationals (aka the BEST group ever!):
ENTJ- The Field Marshal
INTJ- The Mastermind
ENTP- The Inventor
INTP- The Architect

The letters indicate what your behavioral habits are.

Extrovert or Introvert?
Sensing or Intuition?
Thinking or Feeling?
Judging or Perceiving?

Now y’all can look up the other personality types if you’re interested in finding out yours or take the quiz at

Let me get into the explanation of an INTJ Female already!
The INTJ female is the rarest type in the world, making up 0.8% of the worlds population or 4 in every 500 women. Here’s a breakdown of our different letters:

It’s not that introverts DON’T like people (Well, I don’t), we just find spending a lot of time around them exhausting. We live in our minds, internalize everything. So overtime, a lot of people feel like an intrusion. So we like to draw back and recharge with a good book or music for a few years after every encounter with people.

It’s like having telepathy. And the ability to predict the future. We like metaphors, thinking about the future, and confusing the GP with our abstract thoughts.

Feelings? Ain’t nobody got time ‘fo dat!
Thinking is my superpower. We INTJs process the entire world using our logic. Who needs feeling when you’ve got facts and years of research to back up everything?! A well developed INTJ will develop a way of processing emotions over time, but most don’t reach that point until their 40s. Or if they experienced a traumatic experience at a young age. INTJs are also beyond brilliant, generally having the highest IQ out of all the types.

I don’t judge, I just quickly come to a conclusion about someone. I notice everything about someone and draw quick conclusions based on what I see. That’s all. Don’t feel bad, I silently judge-err I mean notice things about- everyone.

We are everything society thinks women should not be.
True, you may find one or two of us who like to dress nice. But we do it for ourselves. Most of the time we’re too busy plotting World Domination to look fashionable though.
We have feelings.
Gagged and bound in the darkest corners of our minds where you’ll never see it, but feelings.
We process everything using our brilliant minds…even emotions.
We hate small talk. And people speaking for us so I need to stop using “We” as though I’ve actually found a bunch more INTJ females.
Okay I don’t like small talk. Seems like a waste of time. I don’t see it as talking, but rather wasting precious time and lowering everyone’s IQ while at it. Sarcasm is beautiful, as is having a well thought opinion and willing to stand by it as I tear it apart with facts.
I don’t like being touched. Maybe it’s because I feel awkward and out of place in my body. I seriously just see my body as a way of transporting my mind to different places and people.
I’m independent, I don’t like decisions being made for me. No one is more qualified to make my own decisions besides me.
I’m objective. I look at everything from all its different angles and then I study the angles on the angles!
I don’t see the need to express affection. I don’t tell, I show. By unwavering loyalty. No words, just faithfulness.

All this has caused me a lot of trouble. As I was adjusting to my quick wit, It would often come out as insensitive because I’d speak every thought that came to me. Actually I still do that…never mind

I like being around people…as long as they don’t talk to me. Or look at me. Or think about looking at me.
I’m like a paradox. A starry eyed optimist but also a bitter cynic. I see people….as flawed humans. Never just the good, or just the bad. Everything.
I fit in everywhere but nowhere…at the same time.
I want to be understood but I like remaining a mystery.
I don’t do anything useless it serves some long term purpose. I suppose some might see that as selfish and unChristlike, But I also don’t care what others think about me.

Conclusion? Being an INTJ female is awkward but amazing. I was kidding about hating people, by the way. Well just a bit. Sometimes people are annoying. And scary. I can talk to them. Sometimes. Mostly not. Help. 

What type are you?




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