Top 5 Favorite Fictional Couples From TV Pt. 2

So last week, I wrote about my favorite fictional couple from books. Now it’s time for my favorite couples from TV shows! This is going to be hard. I have more ships than the US Navy. Ugh. Decisions. Sacrifices must be made.

Okay so I was going to do these in order…but I really can’t decide! So let’s just get to it in no particular order!

1.) Amy and Rory (Doctor Who)

Amy, a flighty, feisty redhead. And Rory….the most perfect human being in existence. Well technically he’s a plastic Roman…but the fandom doesn’t really talk about. Also Amy had this weird sexual tension with the Doctor in the first few episodes of Series 5…but we don’t really talk about that either. And then there was their divorce…gosh there’s a lot we don’t talk about…. They made the list for me because they taught me that true love waits. A lot time. Like 2,000 years long. ( That part is a long long story….that we also don’t talk about for some reason)

2.) John and Aeryn (Farscape)

I realize this show is unheard of, so let me explain. John, an astronaut and astrophysicist, is studying wormholes and whether or not they could be controlled and used for intergalactic space travel (yes, this show really inspired me!) So he’s up in his small spacecraft, running tests, and bam! a wormhole opens up and instantly transports him to the other side of the universe. On the other side of the universe, there’s a huge space battle going on and he’s transported right into the middle of it. He accidentally kills some high up General, and the only way out is a ship that was stolen by some prisoners who are trying to escape. He clamors on board but soon the ship is captured and brought before the other officers. An officer named Aeryn believes them to be innocent and helps them escape. Because she’s now committed treason, she escapes with them and the show is about them escaping the law and battling a villain who’s determined to rule the universe all while John is trying to figure out how to get back home. Slowly over the course of the 5 seasons, Aeryn and John fall in love. It was just so well written, showing that love is infinite. And even if a physical home doesn’t exist, as long as you have someone to love, you can always find a home with them.

3.) Chuck and Sarah (Chuck)
Favorite couple from one of my favorite shows ever! Chuck, an unappreciated computer geek who’s life was changed overnight when the man he hates most in the world sends him a file with top secret NSA and CIA info that can be downloaded into ones brain (The Intersect). And Sarah, (that’s not her real name) a CIA super spy put in charge of keeping Chuck/The Intersect alive from all those who want to use Chuck and his mind for evil. Chuck is played by Zachary Levi (which makes the show like 70% better) and Sarah is played by the tall, blonde, and pretty Yvonne Strahovski- yes I had to look up her name just now- Together? Utter perfection. I couldn’t decide on what image to upload so here are two that capture just a smidge of how perfectly amazing these two are!

*squeal of fangirl delight*

4.) Hiro and Charlie (Heroes)
*Cries for eternity*
Just….wow. Man I really didn’t expect this storyline from Heroes to emotionally break me the way that it did. They gave each other a forever within numbered days. That right there should describe how tragic it was. Hiro was the master of time and space (or so he thought) and Charlie was a small town waitress with the ability to memorize everything. She wanted to see the world and…he was going to show it to her. But…ah well remember the episode ‘Blink’ from Doctor Who? One condemned to live out their days in the past, the other separated not knowing all that the other lived through. The show is on Netflix if you’re in the mood for emotional suicide.

5.) Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons (Agents Of Shield)
Ah…speaking of heartbreak! Now I know I wasn’t going to pick favorites…But they’re my favorite. Leo, a rocket scientist, and Jemma, a biochemist. They first met at the Shield Academy where they were the most brilliant minds the place had ever seen. For months, Leo secretly had a crush on Jemma. But he was too shy to talk to her. Meanwhile, Jemma was impressed with Leo’s brilliance, wanted to be friends with someone just as intelligent as herself. But she mistook Leo’s aloofness as a sign that he wanted nothing to do with her. Finally, they were paired together in the lab and thus started a friendship unlike anything TV has ever seen. Over the years they grew inseparable. So much that their names almost became one on the lips of all those who knew them. Fitzsimmons they were then called. Always an unstoppable force of combined genius. Leo fell in love with Jemma but was too afraid to admit how he felt, afraid that he’d drive her away. So for so many years, he buried his feeling. Only to have them resurface when he thought him and Jemma wouldn’t (I’m probably going to hell for that joke).  Tragedy after tragedy hit the pair and while their love wavered, it never disappeared. The story is still going on so there’s not yet a conclusion, but let me just say: RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!!!!!   
I apologize for nothing.

I should’ve just written this post in spurts cause now I’m really, really, sad. I need chocolate. And a big blanket to adequately handle all these feels.

Who are some of your favorite fictional couples from TV? Let me know in the comments below!





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