UNCG Essay (Honors College)

Sorry about not having an actual post today! I’ve been busy working on my essay for the Honors college at the college I’ll be attending this next fall! I just found out this past week that I was accepted into The University Of North Carolina at Greensboro! And that I’m eligible to apply to their honors college!!! It’s been a really exciting week needless to say. Anyways, I thought I might as well publish my essay because I don’t have a post and I love feedback on my writing.

For the essay, I was told to be super creative with the prompt, so I wrote my essay as though it were a blog post! Anyways, Enjoy!

Writing Prompt: How will a semester of study abroad contribute to your educational and intellectual growth at UNCG and to your long-term personal and professional goals?

Hey Readers! I’m finally back in the States, and true to my blog, I wanted to share what studying abroad has taught me. It’s been a crazy semester, filled with new experiences, new friends, and most importantly, a new outlook on life. As y’all know, I grew up in a small country town. I of course knew that there was an entire world out there…but it didn’t quite hit me until I arrived in that beautiful, bustling, city. There are really no words to describe those feelings. I don’t know, I guess I feel more whole. More complete after this past semester. As though something was missing, and I was somehow fortunate enough to stumble upon it. A broader perspective perhaps?

Working with others, both professors and students, within my intended field is what did it, I believe. For the rest of my career, I’m going to carry with me that feeling of togetherness. We future scientists, all of different races and religions, connecting over our love for science and mathematics. I never felt so out of place yet belonging as I did during these past few months. It’s all definitely helped with my confidence and my ability to not only work with others, but to depend upon them.

I’ve always been the type to try to figure out stuff on my own before asking for help, but going to a different country and meeting people that share my goals, it’s helped me realize how connected we all are and that is definitely something I’m going to bring back to UNCG. Fact of the matter is, one person alone won’t have the solution to large problems. But a lot of people from all over the world? If each person has just a piece of the puzzle, then many people have a chance at assembling it.

I had heard that because my major was Physics/Astronomy, studying abroad wouldn’t be practical. I could learn just as easily back in the States. Oh my stars, I’m glad I didn’t listen! Aside from academia, seeing more of the world made me realize exactly how simultaneously minuscule and vast our planet is. So many people and just one planet. Just one planet in one solar system. One solar system among many. Many solar systems within one galaxy. One galaxy among many galaxies. Many galaxies in just one galaxy cluster. And one very, very tiny galaxy cluster among trillions of others.

And as tiny as these thoughts make me feel, it also inspires me. Every one of us is a part of our own little universe. We make the laws that govern it. It is that thought, that lesson learned that is a driving force now that I’m returning to my classes here. That we all are a little universe within an even larger one. Possessing the power to change both for the better. This is our universe, and I will forever be grateful that I was able to see a little more of it.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great week! See you Friday!



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2 responses to “UNCG Essay (Honors College)

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  2. Lenny

    Hey!, i just stumbled across your blog a few minutes ago (i’m doing research on UNCG blogs and i guess google picked up your post title?) anyways, I’m a UNCG student and I’m in the Honors college as well (btw i’m so sorry you couldn’t get in, you seem like a wonderful student and a great girl, and exactly the type of person they would choose so i don’t understand why you didn’t get in). Don’t lose hope though, the Honors college is a wonderful place with many opportunities and some amazing people. SO, if you plan on applying again and want some help with the essay, let me know! and also, Congratulations on your acceptance to UNCG! Hope to see you around next fall!


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