Hope We Learn To Live With

I wonder sometimes how differently we would live our lives if we had the ability to recognize greatness when it was upon us. If we could see the moments, the minutes of our lives, that would not only have a lasting impact on us, but those around us. How differently would we live if we saw that the things we thought defined us, or the moments we thought mattered…didn’t matter at all? Oh and change! What would life be like if we didn’t constantly cower in fear of the unknown? We creatures of habit yet also of growth, we reject the things that bring healing and embrace the things that cause us harm. Why?

I used to be so afraid of change. But as I get older, I’m beginning to realize that it’s not so scary. It’s actually kinda beautiful. Every second of every day God’s giving us a chance to let go off the past and we aren’t in fact embracing the unknown, but accepting something greater than we’ve ever known. This post is a mess of my jumbled thoughts but I promise I’m going somewhere with this!

At the beginning of 2015, I typed up a list of things I wanted to accomplish. One of them being that I wanted to stop focusing on the past but learn to move on and accept all that had happened. But what that taught me, what I’ve learned these past 12 months…is that many things are solved simply by moving on. In the end it never matters who’s wrong or right and as I get older I’m beginning to realize that things either matter, or they don’t. It’s that simple.

All this, I believe, is a hope we learn to live with. A hope that everything is part of some larger plan and that change is natural. Growing up is beautiful. What you have to offer the world is one of a kind. Only something you can do. So stop being afraid. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Who would you be if you realized that what other people think of you doesn’t matter? Everyday, every second, EVERYTHING is changing. Why are we so afraid? Again, I ask: How differently would we live if we could see what really mattered? What would that make us?

And I sit here, clacking away at a keyboard, I ask myself these questions. When did I become so afraid?
When did we all?


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