I’ve been thinking a lot about perception and how it affects us and our environment. And I was reading an article today about how humans could heal themselves using just their minds. So that brought up the question: Are we in fact limitless? Do our strengths, weaknesses and capacity for greatness lie within ourselves? Dormant until we awaken and realize that we are capable of anything?

I have a couple of younger siblings and they’re also home schooled. My mom has always been the type to go all cheer mom on us. I’m constantly amazed by everything my siblings are capable of simply because they’ve always been told they could do anything. Higher IQ’s than the average adult, one is a math prodigy, the other is two grades ahead everyone else her age and currently flying through all her current work with ease.

And yes an argument can be made that genetics has something to do with it, but it also goes to show what can happen when one believes they’re limitless.

And as cool as the thought that we’re limitless if we believe is, it also made me sad to think about everyone who is holding themselves back. I’m sad because I do the same thing. My goal for this year was to believe in myself more and coming to the conclusion that I could do anything, be anything or anyone, has really helped.

So in case you haven’t been told this, you’re amazing and capable of great things and I pray you realize that before you do yourself more harm. Don’t pay attention to those who say that you can’t accomplish anything. You become who you think you are but if you aren’t careful, you may become who other think you are. This is what I’ve learned.

How do you perceive yourself and do you think it all comes down to the power of thought?


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