Lessons Learned in 2015: Forward

So last year at this time, I did a series of four posts about lessons I had learned in 2014. Or at least the major ones. The first post in the series can be found here. 

I had so much fun doing it last year, that I decided to make it an annual thing to highlight the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the course of 2015.

Today’s post is going to be about moving forward. My first post of 2015 had highlighted a few goals or things I wished to achieve over the course of 2015. And the first thing I had mentioned was this:

1) I’ve vowed not to make mention of the past. I will not dwell on what happens and I will make “Keep Moving Forward” my new motto. 

And I succeeded far greater than I could’ve possibly imagined with this one. I was amazed with how much my perspective and view of my past self and my past had changed once I stopped dwelling on it! I used to have a terrible habit of bringing up past experiences at much as possible. Like my arthritis and all the struggles I faced concerning that. Now I rarely mention. Actually, I make a point to never mention it. I realized that by constantly bringing it up, I had built it up into some tragic, horrible experience that simply wasn’t true. Sure, it was hard being diagnosed with it at 8 and I certainly hated going to the doctors and the months of physical therapy. But I also had a super supportive family throughout the entire thing.

I’ve learned that many hardships can be overcome simply by moving on. Whether that is doing something big like physically moving away, or something small but equally powerful as making a conscious effort not to dwell on it. Taking those steps to moving forward with your life is incredible.

Time has a way of putting things into perspective and making us realize that we are capable of recovering from the things that we thought had the ability to permanently break us. And whenever life seemed bad, I had hope that the next moment would be better and the one after that better than its former. Moving forward doesn’t have to be some drawn out ritual. It’s something we have the opportunity to do every second of every day. It’s about realizing that you are not who you were. And forgiving yourself.

Once again, that’s something that comes with time. And if you stumble, get back up. Two steps forward, one step back. And before you know it, life will move on and so will you and one day you will look back and realize how beautiful it all is. And then, you will decide to show yourself mercy and finally forgive who you were. And as you embark onto another year of your life, forget the former things for they are not your permanent reality.

All you have to do is ‘Keep Moving Forward.’





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