Lessons Learned in 2015: Flux

There’s a story that I’m sure we’ve all heard. It’s about the Red String of Fate. It’s said that a red string connects each and every one of us. To things that must happen, people we are destined to meet, places we are destined to go. And the string may tangle or grow taunt, but it will never break. It’s probably one of the most beautiful stories out there in my opinion. The thought that everything follows some predestined pattern. It may seem foolish of me, but I believe in a pattern for the universe. That every action leaves some sort of cosmic ripple that was supposed to happen. Predestination. That we are like specks of dust, caught up in an eternal spinning, always spinning, and always unaware that we are doing so.

I mean, everything in creation follows some predetermined pattern, Why shouldn’t we? Everything lives and everything dies and if you stop spinning for a second, you will see it as well. You will see the pattern in your own life, a cycle perhaps. But we are only ever allowed to catch glimpses of it and I think the reason for that being that if we were fully aware of what was going on around us, aware of how connected we all are, how every choice we make is leading to something, maybe even our eventual deaths…it would break us. Pull apart every fiber of our beings and shatter our very souls. It’s called fluctuation. This pattern that we are caught up in.

Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it and sometimes it just hits me, you know? Like the weight of my everyday choices don’t seem important until suddenly they’re the most important thing in the universe. Like what would happen if you took a different way home? All the sudden, drove a bit faster or slower? Why did you decide to stop at a new restaurant? Or talk to the person who was standing behind you in line? What would happen if we could see where every choice led?

Maybe that’s why the wisest people in the universe are children and the elderly. Because the children have this inborn sense of hope, of optimism that just somehow EVERYTHING is going to be okay, and the elderly, have lived their life to its completion and looking back can see the entire pattern lain out before them. The universal tapestry that we are all woven into. And they know, they can see just how magnificently everything came together.

My subconscious is aware of about 3,000  things right now. But me? I can only be fully aware of maybe 30 or 40 of those things. I’m here now, typing. It’s December 26th, 2015. 11:47 PM. I’m alive right now. Who can say if I will be tomorrow? Or the day after that? And the ones that will follow? I was born to eventually die and my entire life played itself out even before I was born. My entire life is already over, I just haven’t reached that point in time yet. If I could see my entire future stretched before me, all the fluctuating possibilities, I daresay it would implode my mind.

And over the course of 2015, I’ve become slightly more aware of this pattern. Became aware that everything follows a pattern. Most all of us have heard that God knows everything, makes everything happen. That’s what predestination means to us. And that he is the one who directs us all like some puppet? Who can say, really? But the way I like to see it, is that God is some sort of universal constant. Like the speed of light. And how we perceive him may change. Some just see him as a Shepard, or father figure. Others a wrathful judge, or maybe not even there. But that’s just the theory of relativity. We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.

But he is I AM. He’s to us, our perception of him, but he’s also not at the same time. That’s how he’s been around forever, time and space mean nothing because they do not own him and he is outside of it all and the reason he knows everything is the same way an elderly person can know everything. Because they have both been through it yet now reside beyond it.

I’ve been so worried lately, about whether of not I’d receive a scholarship from the college I’m attending. And maybe this post isn’t going to affect anyone. Maybe these words came to me because right here, right now, I, Kate Cruz needed to hear them. Or maybe someone on the entire side of the world or 25 or even 50 years into the future needed to hear them. These words, once I hit ‘Publish’ will forever exist, touching countless lives. Or not. Maybe they just needed to touch mine. This is how predestination and the universal pattern works.

Is your mind blown yet?

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