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New Year 2016!

Happy New Year Readers!!! I’m super excited to see where God will take me and what lessons will be documented here in the following year. Some really exciting things are gonna happen this year! One of them being that I’m finally going to graduate High School! I need to bring this down a notch so I’ll stop using an exclamation mark after every sentence! Ugh. *facepalm*

ANYWAYS… For my first post of 2015,  I made a list of all my resolutions for the year. I accomplished most of them and that may be just because I typed them up here. So I’m going to do that once again. I don’t really want this to turn into one of those ever popular lifestyle blogs, but I’m going to do those ever popular “Goals for the month” posts..well, every month! Just something to keep me on track.

In a post I wrote on my 17th birthday, called “17 Things I Want to Achieve While 17”, I mentioned most all my resolutions so those will be a part of my goals this month. I have a few more that I never mentioned.

1.) Live Boldly.
I want to make every moment count. I’m tired of apathetic and complacently (Is that a word??? Well, it is now!) living. My goal for this year is to be bold with my life and my choices. To be ambitious, no longer scared of whatever may be lurking in the shadows. I don’t want to live my life constantly apologizing for existing. I don’t want my entire life to be some apology. I want to more confident in myself. To stop being such a perfectionist, constantly beating myself up for not reaching the impossible standards I set for myself.

2.) Accept Failures Gracefully.
Outwardly, I am composed. Because I fail a lot. But inwardly…I am really hard on myself. I’m never okay with believing that I tried my hardest. Like, for instance, I didn’t win an academic scholarship from the college I’m attending this fall. I really thought my GPA would help me win it…but I guess not. I was so so frustrated with myself for not being good enough. I kept thinking “I should’ve done duel enrollment” or “Why didn’t I start AP classes in 9th grade?!” “I should’ve studied harder on my ACT! How could I fail so miserably on info that I knew? Why can’t I be better at taking tests?!” The list of things I tell myself goes on and on. Insulting everything from my intelligence to my writing skills. And all I’ve done these past few months is just stress myself out.

3.) Read More.
Between the ages of 8-13, I read A LOT. About 5 or 6 books a week. Not little kid books either. I read everything from classics to mystery to historical fiction. Books were my friends and since I hit about 10th grade, I’ve been reading a whole lot less. I did the math and I apparently read an average of 280 books each year. So in those 5 years, I read AROUND 1,000 BOOKS. I’m really sad that I don’t remember all of them. All I remember is that the second Elsie Dinsmore book was the first book that ever made me cry, and the first series I became addicted to was Nancy Drew. And that I used to be about to recount the entire Civil War. Down to it’s battles and generals. So my goal is to read 100 books this year. School books totally count.

4.) Learn to Survive With Less Sleep.
I am really tired right now. It’s probably not helping that I’m listening to Ludovico Einaudi right now either. I really need to learn how to cope with 6 or less hours of sleep. Otherwise college and the rest of senior year is going to be rough. I might take a quick nap right after I’m done writing this because I’ve forgotten what I’m even writing about at least 6 0r 7 times! I remember one time, I was so tired while doing school, that when I misspelled something in my notebook, I stared at the page for at least two minutes. Waiting for it to correct itself. Does anyone else do that? Or like try to zoom in on a real book? Cause I do that too. Sorry…I’m getting off track….

5.) Time Management.
I know I’m horrible at this. Enough said.


So thus concludes my New Years Resolutions! What are some of yours?


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